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Muhibbah Marine Engineering (Deutschland) GmbH has been established in 1994 for the sole purpose to market and operate our first self elevating platform, the construction jack-up barge “Muhibbah JB 1" ex “MEB – JB1”, at that time one of the world´s largest eight-legged self elevating platform which had been purchased during these days by the parent company Muhibbah Engineering (M) BHD, a Malaysian based group comprising of a marine construction company, a shipyard, both acting under the same name, crane manufacturers, acting under the well known brand names Favelle Favco and Kroll and other businesses. The group is stocklisted at KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange).

For further information on our group or on sister companies we hereby invite you to visit the Group’s website under

Our previously registered office in the port of Rostock meanwhile has been shifted to Buchholz / Hamburg, where from the beginning the commercial office has been located.

With our marketing and the Group´s global network of premises we are covering the worldwide market.

Since the beginnings we have been successfully deploying the jack-up barge in an area spanning from the European market (including North Africa) and the Azores in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to Far East and East Australia on marine construction projects as listed in our reference list by means of charter contracts or complete works contracts and we have developed a sound track record of experience with highly specialized skills and personnel over the years.

Meanwhile we have built a second jack-up barge at our own shipyard in Port Klang / Malaysia. 

The speciality of the vessels renders to us an excellent opportunity to get engaged in marine and offshore projects, where ordinary floating plant and equipment have reached their limits.

Projects of interest are ranging from marine soil investigations over ordinary marine construction of ports and harbours, breakwaters and other marine or offshore structures. A jack-up barge is an ideal platform for drilling and piling operations and we can even work in waters of 45m depth.

Oil & gas installations, maintenance and decommissionings can be handled by the vessels with the support of the heavy lift crane installed onboard. And we can even act as accommodation platform, catering for the needs of the personnel of an offshore site.

The emerging offshore wind energy market had opened a vast field of activities for our vessels. In fact the “Muhibbah JB1” has erected the world´s first remarkable Offshore Windpark Middelgrunden in Danish waters in the year 2000.

We can complement our jack-up barges with other inhouse marine plant or equipment if and when necessary and delivery complete marine spreads and solutions.  

If modifications to the vessels or upgrade of cranes may become necessary to cater for the needs of a project these works can accomplished in-house too.

For further information please contact us or refer to our references and projects.

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